On a hot summer evening, while resting on the couch
Shweenie sat quietly down and let out an ouch!

She sat there all night thinking things were alright,
but when she looked down she jumped up in a fright.

At first she was scared and then she was worried,
for she had thought of the evening Beanie had hurried.

She took one more look and Oh what a thrill,
to her amazement there were two boys and a girl.

Thinking of names while scratching her head,
one boy will be Blue and the other is Red.

Admiring her girl while eating a Twinkie,
she thought to herself that this one is Pinkie.

As she looked at the babies she started to giggle,
because all of a sudden they started to wiggle.

As she bent over she poked each one on the belly,
and let out a laugh for they were all full of jelly!

Now to make a long story short and not be a weenie,
Beanie Baby Jelly Beans are made when,
Shweenie flirts with Beanie!

~ Mother Goose ~