The Beatles


When I was a little girl you were my hero,
I believed anything, just because you said so.
My older brother, so big and so strong,
In my eyes you could never do wrong

As we grew up and you became a young teen
I started to think that you were really mean
No longer my hero, you were just my brother
Who if I could, I'd replace with another

It suddenly seemed we no longer got along
Anything we did for the other was wrong
It went on that way for a year or two,
I had my friends and wasn't concerned about you.

I then got older and started to see,
That you were always there for me
During times of stress and even sorrow
You guided me to a brighter tomorrow

Now I think of you, and I just want to say
That my thoughts of you are never far away.
With your quiet strength, your wisdom and loyalty,
Once again a hero, is what you are to me.

~ Unknown ~