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To my DAD...Although you are not with us anymore, you are always in my heart. I thank you for your love of family, God, your strength and your sense of humor. I miss you very much and will love you always!

To my are so much more than just a mum, you are a friend. You are always there and know what I need almost before I do. I can't thank you enough. I love you Mum! *HUGS*

KAREN, my sister and bestfriend. What can I say about my heart? You are the reason I am who I am. We have shared so much together. You have stood by my side through good times and bad. We've cried till there were no tears left and laughed till we were sore. You're the sun in my world and you brighten the world around you. I love ya to pieces! *HUGS*

CHRIS, Mr Jack of all trades. You always do so much for others without expecting anything in return. You can always make me laugh. You're a good man Charlie brown! Thank you for everything! *HUGS*

RANDY, my brother. The "man" of the family. *S* I love you very much and care about your opinions...even when you're wrong! *LOL* Sincerely though, I couldn't ask for a better brother. Thank you for being there for me. It's nice to know your shoulder is there when I need it to lean on. *HUGS*

ROSE, knowing you are near for me whenever I need a laugh or even a cry, is one of the best things about you. We can simply have a coffee, go for a drive or steal rocks for your garden, either way it's always a blast! LOL! My life has been blessed having you in it. D'une amie sincère! *HUGS*

PAT, the social butterfly of the family. You are so good with people. You have this knack for making even total strangers feel comfortable. I only wish I could be more like you. I love the way we can sit and talk all night and laugh till we cry. Some of our best times were in the wee hours of the morn' huh? *LOL* I love you kiddo! *HUGS*

GUY, I'll always remember the day you loaned me your ever precious Camero. You trusted me and I'll never forget that. Oh and by the way, when will you ever give up on the Montreal Canadians? *LOL* Just teasin' ya! *HUGS*

JULIE (Kelly) & PATSY (John), sisters who I've seen grow from diapers to women. Gawd you guys make me feel old! *LOL* I don't have children of my own but I would proudly consider you two daughters. You have both made me and your Mum very proud. I love you both. *HUGS*

MR. D, my bestfriend. You are so very dear to me. You are there when I need a laugh and there to hear me cry. I could never thank you enough. Besides, no one else will let me make them watch musicals with me! *LOL* You are truly a blessing in my life! *HUGS*

SANDIE, my best girlfriend. What can I say about the most generous person I know? You are such a sweetie! You are there for me in good times and bad. And forever keep my hair in tip top shape! *LOL* Perks of having a hair stylist as a friend! *giggles* You are the best! *HUGS*

JILLY JILLY MACK, my cousin and partner in crime. You make me laugh kiddo! You listen to my complaints endlessly and never tell me to shudap! *LOL* My life would be empty without you. *HUGS*

SYLVIA, my second Mum. I thank you for always being there and for all the things you do. I am so glad you are a part of my life. You have brought so much into my world. *HUGS*

To my Nieces and Nephews...PHILIP, HEATHER, KEVIN, STEPHEN, BRIAN, MICHELLE (my Goddaughter), ANDRÉ, KYARA, CLAIRE, MEGAN, PIERRE, GRACIE JANE, HILLARY, NATHANIEL, ZACH, RILEY, AIDEN, RYAN TYLER, CODY, SAMANTHA, SOPHIA, you have all made my life complete and I love you so very much. You don't know how happy and proud you've all made me. *HUGS*

To all The Little Ones who brighten my life each and every day..."BOO" (Pierre), BELLA, "JUNUH" (Ray Jr.), "BROTHER" (Drew), "SISSY" (Desiree), "MELI JELLY BELLY" (Melanie), PRESLEY, "BUM" (Nathan), "BABY BUM" (Joshua), "JIGGABOO" (Craig), "PONTEY" (Kayla), BREANNE, LUCAS, ANGEL, IZZY (Isidore) and SKYLER. You all have a very special place in my heart. *HUGS*

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